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About The Sausage Factory

What once were dirt roads and dairy farms is now home to San Francisco's lively Castro District. Originally settled by Irish, German and Scandinavian immigrants, the area on the outskirts of San Francisco gradually became bonafide suburbs with the completion of the Market Street Railway in 1887, linking what was then called Eureka Valley to the rest of the city. Today, the area is saturated with stylish shops, bars and restaurants so popular that patrons spill out onto the streets.

The family and crew of the Sausage Factory in San Francisco
The Sausage Factory Crew

The Sausage Factory Restaurant is a famous landmark in The Castro. The name derives from the actual Sausage Factory that held this location until the 1940's. In our back bar and banquet room, you can still see the original meat racks and the massive black iron doors that enclosed the sausage-smoke rooms. The restaurant opened in 1968 and has been owned and operated by the Azzolino Family since 1972. Famous for its signature pizza and Italian style food, The Sausage Factory offers a unique dining experience in a historic atmosphere.



The Castro is home to one of the city's most vibrant and colorful communities. And thanks to those original homesteaders, who built distinctive, multi-storied homes for their large families, we have the beautiful building, built in 1884, that now houses The Sausage Factory.

Historic photo of the Pork Store & Deli, current home of the Sausage Factory restaurant
The Pork Store & Deli (building on the right) was the actual sausage factory.
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The dark wood interior with turn of the century wallpaper, plastered with antique mirrors and photographs, makes you feel as though you are in Grandma's dining room. A perfect meeting place for Gay Pride, Halloween or the Castro Street Fair, The Sausage Factory is also a great place to meet for any occasion.

Enjoy a great meal in our comfortable dining room.
Dining Room view from the Entrance

We also have a large party room for banquets and special affairs in the restaurant. Click here to find out more!